6 Free Official ACT Practice Tests

Starting in 2005, ACT began releasing an official ACT practice test every year.

We’ve been tracking these releases over the years and have compiled easily accessible download links for all available ACT practice tests below.

Because of the scarcity of real ACT questions, these tests are like gold! Prepping as close to the source as possible is vital for getting closer to a competitive ACT score.

When using one of these tests as a diagnostic or full-length practice test, mimic official test conditions as closely as possible. This means printing the test out, strictly timing yourself, and taking it in one sitting. This will ensure you’ll get the most value out of these tests.

Below you’ll find everything to get you going – official practice tests and clear instructions on how to self-administer the test.

Best of luck in your prep!

Official ACT Practice Tests – Download Links

–> ACT Practice Test #1 (2005-06) – Practice Test 1

–> ACT Practice Test #2 (2007-08) – Practice Test 2

–> ACT Practice Test #3 (2009-10) – Practice Test 3

–> ACT Practice Test #4 (2013-14) – Practice Test 4

–> ACT Practice Test #5 (2015-16) –  Practice Test 5

–> ACT Practice Test #6 (2018-2019)Practice Test 6

You’ll notice that there are several years of tests missing. The ACT has a habit of releasing duplicate tests.

For example, the 2016-17 and 2017-18 tests are the same as the 2015-16 test, and the 2018-2019 test is the same as the 2020-2021 test.

The exams above are the 6 free unique tests currently available. Each includes a blank answer sheet and answers.

Proctoring Instructions

If possible, a parent or third party individual should administer the test. Otherwise, students can easily self-proctor using the instructions below.

–> PrepMaven Proctoring Instructions_ACT

5 Tips for Taking An Official ACT Practice Test

  1. Set aside an uninterrupted chunk of time – Block off 3 hours and 52 minutes (if you’re doing the Writing section) or 3 hrs and 10 minutes (without Writing section)
  2. Print out the test and answer sheets – The printed version will more closely mimic test conditions
  3. Time yourself – Make sure to include the appropriate breaks as well (if you’re following our Proctoring Instructions, don’t worry about this)
  4. Read the Proctoring Instructions above before you start – The instructions will identify which materials you will need and exactly how to time the different sections, including breaks and 5 minute warnings
  5. Carefully review your answers after the test – Careful analysis of EVERY question you answered incorrectly (or were confused about) is important for meaningful score improvements.

Additional Official ACT Practice Tests

Where can you find other official ACT practice tests and questions? Students have 4 more options:

  1. 1 Online ACT Practice Test via ACT.org (free)
  2. The Official ACT Prep Guide Book ($)
  3. The Official Beginner’s Guide for the ACT Book ($)
  4. Sample ACT Test Questions via ACT.org (free)

1 Online ACT Practice Test

To access an online ACT practice test, students will have to create a MyACT account. If you’ve already registered for the ACT, you will already have an account.

Select “Free Online Practice” once you’ve navigated to your MyACT dashboard to access this practice test.

Note:The free practice available via download on ACT’s website is also from our list of free official ACT practice tests above.

The Official ACT Prep Guide

ACT releases an official prep guide every year that includes ACT practice tests. The latest version, 2020-2021, includes 5 practice tests, and costs $25-$30. 

However, 4 of these practice tests are recycled. Only one is technically “new,” from a June 2019 ACT exam. 

Students do get access to digital versions of these 5 practice tests, which can be helpful for on-the-go practice.

The Official Beginner’s Guide to the ACT

Designed as an introductory guide to the ACT, the Official Beginner’s Guide to the ACT does include one full-length official ACT practice test, from the April 2018 administration.

This test is not in the list of free official practice tests above, so it could be a valuable resource for students looking for even more test-like ACT questions.

The guide currently runs for $20-$25 online.

Sample ACT Test Questions at ACT.org

Lastly, students can access free sample ACT test questions for all 4 sections of the ACT at ACT.org. These are digital, and students can select their answers and view correct ones after they’ve completed each set.

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