SSAT Score Release Dates – When You’ll Get That Score Report

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You’ve studied hard for the Secondary Schools Admissions Test (SSAT). You’ve taken the test, and maybe more than once. Perhaps you’ve even finalized your list of private schools and prepared most of your application.

Now what?

Students have to wait a little while after sitting for an official SSAT before they can receive their results.

According to the Enrollment Management Association, the company that produces the SSAT, it can take up to 2 weeks after test materials have been received for a student to get their online score report. In some cases, however, students can receive scores earlier.

Knowing when to expect your SSAT scores is an important part of the test prep process, especially if you might be retaking the test. At PrepMaven, we’ve worked with hundreds of students who were able to improve their SSAT score by retaking the test with one of our Ivy-League test-prep experts!

In this post (which we update each year), we’ll break down the testing and expected score release dates for the SSAT as soon as they’re available. (Typically, the SSAT releases its SSAT calendar each year in August.) Read on for advice on when you can expect your SSAT scores!

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Here’s what we cover:

SSAT Score Release Dates 2024

All SSAT test-takers will be able to review the official results of a recent SSAT online approximately 2 weeks after EMA has received testing materials. This timeline also applies to students who take the SSAT at international testing centers and SSAT Flex Test administrations.

This does not necessarily equate to 2 weeks after Test Day itself, however, and there are exceptions.

For example, students should be aware that sometimes they’ll receive scores earlier or later than anticipated, depending on the testing season. In general, if you test during the busiest SSAT testing season, November through January, you can expect to wait those full 2 weeks. If you test earlier, on the other hand, you may expect scores sooner.

SSAT test dates will be announced on August 1, 2024, as the SSAT testing cycle for 2024 has already passed. However, you can expect to have test dates in each of the following months:

September 2024
October 2024
November 2024
December 2024
January 2025
February 2025
April 2025

Accessing Your SSAT Scores Online

SSAT Score Release Dates 2020

You can view SSAT scores via a student or parent online SSAT account. However, you can only use a parent account to send SSAT scores to private schools.

Once scores are available, login to your SSAT account (either parent or student). Click on the “Check Scores” button. This will populate a page that will list out scores for every date you’ve taken the SSAT.

To view more information about scores from a given test date, click the red plus sign next to that row. You’ll then see a link for “View Score Report,” which opens a PDF of the student’s full SSAT score report that can be saved and printed if desired.

SSAT Score Release Services

It’s free to access your SSAT score report online via a parent account. However, families can purchase additional score release services, including text and email alerts, for an added fee.

Text or Email Score Alert

For $19, parents can sign up to receive a text or email SSAT score alert. This simply involves receiving a text or email notifying parents the instant scores are available online. The text / email won’t include the full score report, however, which must still be accessed via an online parent account.

Mail Delivery of Paper Score Report

If you prefer to receive a paper copy of your student’s SSAT score report, you can request U.S. mail delivery of one for a fee of $30. These can only be mailed to a home address, not to private schools.

FedEx deliveries of SSAT score reports are $35 (U.S. & Canada) and $65 (international). Again, these deliveries can only be made to home addresses.

Copy of Student’s SSAT Writing Sample

Some parents wish to view a copy of their student’s writing sample response, which is sent to SSAT score recipients. For $26, you can get a digital copy of this response, available online via a parent SSAT account.

To access the writing sample response, login to your SSAT account, click “Check Scores,” and select the red plus sign next to the test date listed. You’ll see a link here next to “View Score Report” that says “View Writing Sample.”

Should you invest in one of these score release services? It depends on your needs.

For example, some families prefer to have an official paper copy of an SSAT score report or a digital snapshot of their student’s SSAT writing sample for record-keeping or test prep purposes. Others may wish to be notified as soon as possible about score availability due to upcoming application deadlines, and thus might choose the text alert option.

Keep in mind that, regardless, your choice of these services won’t impact your student’s SSAT score submission to schools.

SSAT Scoring Options

You can request a rescoring of an SSAT exam if you suspect that your student accidentally took the wrong level of SSAT (i.e., they were scored at the wrong grade level for some reason). This is rare, but available to Middle and Upper-Level SSAT test-takers for a $59 fee.

Lastly, parents can request a hand scoring of their student’s SSAT. This is an option for parents who feel that, for any reason, the computerized grading system might be inaccurate. This service is available for $100 but the EMA cautions that “few, if any, hand scores result in a score change.”

If either of these scoring options results in a score change, this change will update in the online portal (for both parents and students) as soon as possible.

Note: It is possible to cancel your SSAT scores, but you can only do so by 5 PM EST of the Tuesday following your Test Day. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to view your scores if you’d like to cancel.

Sending SSAT Scores to Schools

Parents can specify SSAT score recipients before or after a student takes an SSAT. Keep in mind that if you identify score recipients before the test, these schools will receive your student’s scores before you receive them.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with private schools’ application deadlines so that you know how much time you have to submit scores. This is especially important if your student is testing during the fall or winter of an application season.

Regardless of when you choose score recipients, here’s how you send SSAT scores to schools:

  1. Log in to your parent/guardian SSAT online account (you can only send scores via a parent’s account!)
  2. Click on “SSAT Scores”
  3. Click the red plus sign corresponding with the row of test scores you want to send (if your student has tested more than once)
  4. Use the search function to find the school of choice
  5. Click “Add” to add this school to your score recipient list
  6. Select “Yes, Share Scores” in the confirmation window that appears

If your student has already received their SSAT scores, they will be sent immediately to an added school. If you’re still awaiting test results, added schools will receive score reports once your student’s test is graded.

It’s free to add or remove schools from your list–if you do remove a school, however, you have to be sure to do so before scores are released! Simply follow the steps above but select “Remove” to the right of the school you want to remove.

You might notice an “Advisor” portion of this score submission process. Only “Add an Advisor” if you are working with an educational consultant or organization and wish to add this licensed professional so that they can review your school list. walks you through how to do this on its website.

Our free SSAT guidebook covers everything you need to know about SSAT score reporting, and much more!

Other Tips

Many of our students and parents ask us about other components of SSAT scoring, including what counts as a “good” SSAT score, how SSAT scoring actually works, and whether or not private schools allow “superscoring.”

We answer a number of these questions in the following posts, which we encourage our families to read:

With respect to superscoring, the Enrollment Management Association does not allow SSAT test-takers to superscore. This process refers to sending schools your highest scores only across all tests taken, an option that is available for SAT test-takers.

However, many private schools will essentially superscore a student’s SSAT scores on their own. If you are unsure whether or not a school of choice does this, reach out to that school’s admissions office to inquire.

If you have any further questions about interpreting your student’s score report, you can utilize these EMA resources or, of course, give us a shout.

Next Steps

At PrepMaven, we understand that the process of taking the SSAT and applying to private school can be a daunting process. We’re here to help with a significant portion of that journey: SSAT test prep.

That’s why we’ve used our experience to put together a comprehensive, free resource to the SSAT. Our SSAT guidebook includes:

  • 90+ pages of valuable SSAT guidance
  • Details about SSAT scoring, content, testing options, and more
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If you want more personalized help, our SSAT prep tutors have years of experience helping students develop strategies for success on this challenging standardized test. What’s more, all have a proven track record of helping SSAT test-takers maximize their scoring potential.


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