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How Do Comprehensive Consults Work?


Book a Time Slot

Book your first session. We’ll find a day/time that works best for you.

Multiple Consults

We’ll meet on a regular basis to provide targeted advice and discuss edits.

Multiple Revisions

In between meetings, we’ll provide written revisions / suggestions.

Conquer Your Essay

Your final essay will be something that you will truly be proud of.
  • It was helpful beyond anything I thought it would be… The college essay I walked in with was not the same essay I walked out with. It changed dramatically and I am very grateful.
    - SofiaBeyond Helpful
  • You gave me a lot of ideas and techniques to work with in order to make my essay the best essay possible.
    - JPLots of Ideas and Techniques

Is This Service Right For Me?

Our Comprehensive Consultation service is the best service for most students. This service provides the most in-depth and personalized advice, whether you’re just starting your essay or have gone through several drafts.


Just started and only want a little bit of help?  Check out our Guided Brainstorming service

Have multiple drafts and only want a little bit of help?  Check out our Expert Review service

Working on your final touches?  Check out our Proofreading service

Still not sure which service is right for you?  Send us a message below and we’ll help you figure it out.

What Will I Get?

FistOur best service. Our Comprehensive Consultations provide the most in-depth and personalized attention of all our services.

We’ll identify areas of improvement and work closely with you to implement our suggestions.

We’ll start off with an initial consultation to get to know you, make sure you understand exactly what admissions officers are looking for, and discuss your essay in detail (if you have one completed).

We’ll then schedule several consultations and will provide multiple detailed revisions and comments.

Some of the concepts and techniques we’ll address: brainstorming and ideas generation, topic review, structure review, effective storytelling techniques, how to write your intro and conclusion, and more.


Starting at $250/essay (personal statement or supplement)

Who Will I Work With?

Work directly with one of our co-founders!

Greg and Kevin were Princeton University engineering majors and successful strategy consultants and hedge fund operators.

They have spent the last 10+ years helping students write great essays.

They have dissected countless essays to identify exactly what differentiates outstanding colleges essays from bad ones. They’ve researched and tested brainstorming exercises, storytelling frameworks, and writing techniques to discover what works best for high school students.

There is an amazing essay inside of you. During our sessions, we’ll help you tease it out and refine it.

  • What did I like about the program? YOU GUYS! Right from the get go you guys were funny and welcoming… KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
    - JPFunny and Welcoming
  • Kevin and Greg were the best teachers: they were approachable, personable and engaging in their teaching.
    - SofiaThe Best Teachers

How Do I Sign Up?

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Personal Statements or Supplements

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do we meet?

Consultations are conducted using video conferencing software. We’ve found this to be an extremely effective way to work together. And there’s no traveling!

Before the session, you’ll be provided with a link to join the video call. You’ll want to test things out before the session begins. Please make sure you have a good internet connection, a microphone, and a working webcam (optional)! If you are in the Princeton, NJ area, there might be some availability to meet in-person.

2. I’ve purchased the service. Now what?

After purchasing, you will be directed to a Thank You page with instructions to schedule your first session and complete a short questionnaire. Please contact us if you don’t see the form or if you’ve accidentally closed the page.

We’ll also reach out to you directly to answer any questions before our first session.

3. When should I have the first session?

Please book your session as soon as possible. The sooner we start, the sooner we can get you started on the right track!

4. Why does my receipt show “Princeton Tutoring”?

Princeton Tutoring is our sister company and our payments are currently processed through the same system.

5. What is your refund policy?

Refunds are available for services that are purchased but not yet booked.

6. Do you also work with supplements?

Yes! We help with both personal statements and supplements

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