College Essay Plagiarism and Ethics Principles

The words and original content in the essay must come from the student.

The tutor, as a coach/guide, can use instruction, prompts, examples, templates, and recommendations to guide a student towards their best possible work, but the tutor will not aid in plagiarism (using someone else’s language or ideas and passing them off as original work).  

The content on the page must come from the student.  

At times, a student may feel ‘stuck’ and unsure what to write.  In these situations, a tutor can offer prompts, suggestions, examples, and templates to help a student make progress, but the tutor is not expected or responsible for choosing words and ideas for the student.   

If a tutor provides an example to a student (“You could say something along the lines of XYZ”) we expect the student to change the example to make it their own.

Tutors act in a coaching capacity, but the student has the final word.  

The essay is the student’s work.  Tutors serve as coaches/advisors/consultants/guides, but students have the final word about what goes in their essay.

An essay can be considered complete when it represents a student’s best possible work.

The tutor’s job is to help guide a student to the best work possible without writing the essay.  An essay can be considered finished when it represents the best of the student’s abilities after working through all the recommendations and suggestions of the tutor.