Grammar Workshop

Live & Online
for 9th - 12th Graders

Only the good stuff. None of the fluff.

–>  We approach grammar differently (better)

–>  Focused only on the most important grammar skills to succeed on the PSAT/SAT/ACT, in academic classes, and with the college essay

–>  Targeted. Practical. Effective.

When? No sessions scheduled for 2021
Where? Live & Online
Who? 9th – 12th Graders


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How’s ur studentz grammer?

We’ve provided private tutoring and classroom instruction to thousands of students.


Our work has spanned almost every academic subject, college essays, and all the major standardized tests (e.g. SSAT, PSAT, ACT, SAT).


Every year, the most common issue we’ve encountered is… yup, you guessed it… grammar.


Even some of our top performing students struggle to clearly explain basic grammar concepts like the difference between a semicolon and a colon.


A billion dollar problem.

Savvy investors have also identified lack of grammar proficiency as a major problem.


Grammarly, a tool that provides real-time grammar edits, is used by over 20 million people, has raised at least $200 million of funding and is valued at over $1B.


AI-based grammar checking tools, while pretty cool and useful, are band-aid solutions that do not address the root issue.


Most students stop learning useful grammar in middle school.

A poor grammar foundation negatively impacts grades and standardized tests, and can cripple otherwise amazing college and scholarship essays.

Introducing… PrepMaven’s “Stop, Grammar Time!” Workshop


This is not your typical grammar course.

Our 4 week grammar workshop is developed specifically for high school students.


Note – this is NOT a pre-recorded video course. You will be working live with our instructor and other students.


We cover only the most practical applications of grammar, mechanics, and style to ensure that all of the material is 100% useful.


The goal is not to become proficient in every single grammar rule.


Students only need to be proficient in the most ESSENTIAL ones and capable of applying these rules in multiple contexts.


At the end of the 4-week workshop, your student will learn skills to:

1.  Increase PSAT/SAT & ACT scores – by building a strong foundation of all major & minor grammar concepts that are tested


2.  Improve grades – by developing fluency in additional grammar and style concepts, especially those with a writing component (including APs)


3.  Enhance college essays – by learning stylistic tools that will assist with writing the college essay and other creative pieces


Students will work with Kate, a PROFESSIONAL WRITER and and one of our MOST POPULAR instructors



Kate works closely with the founders of PrepMaven/Princeton Tutoring on content and curriculum development.


She is a graduate of Princeton University (B.A. in English Literature and Interdisciplinary Humanities) and Boston University (M.F.A in Creative Writing).


Over the last decade, Kate has successfully mentored students in English grammar & conventions, writing style, composition, and mechanics for academic courses, SAT/ACT preparation, and college essay writing.

Here’s some recent feedback from Kate’s students:


This unique workshop pulls from 15 years of expertise in academic tutoring, test prep, and college essay consulting.


Over the course of 4 weeks (8 classes/ 12 hours), students will cover all of the following:


WEEK 1 Essential English Grammar & Test Prep:

  • Essential English grammar: the concepts that are vital for the PSAT/SAT/ACT (e.g. punctuation, verbs, pronouns, modifies, parallelism, idioms)
  • Applying these essential concepts to a standardized test vs. integrating them in your personal writing
  • How to edit a piece for grammar
WEEK 2 Style & Academic Writing:

  • Review of essential English grammar concepts
  • What is style?
  • The relationship between style and grammar
  • Style as applied to academic writing, including the standard five-paragraph essay, English essays, AP essay responses, etc.
  • How to edit an academic piece for style
WEEK 3 Style & Creative Writing:

  • Style as applied to creative writing, including creative non-fiction, personal essays, and the college application essay
  • Using the “I” voice effectively
  • The relationship between style and grammar in creative work
  • How to edit a creative piece for style
WEEK 4 Advanced Concepts & Self-Editing:

  • Advanced English grammar concepts and mechanics
  • How to edit your own work holistically and effectively, regardless of genre
  • Bringing it all together and identifying your Style Toolkit
  • Future resources and next steps

Each student will also receive these BONUSES:

  Strategic Planning Seminar — Free access to a live seminar led by our co-founders. Learn what admissions officers are really looking for, how to approach the 3 pillars, and college essay tips ($399 value)


  Discounted Additional Support — Enrolled students will be eligible for discounted 1:1 rates with our private tutors.


  Waitlist Priority — Our tutors often get booked up and have waitlists. Workshop students will be given priority on these waitlists.

Our students have an overwhelmingly positive experience.

Here’s some feedback from our private tutoring clients.

A said she appreciated the structure, the goal-setting and plan, and said it was the best tutoring session she ever had 🙂


N has learned a tremendous amount from you. I believe that it’s helped him gain confidence in his writing abilities, and he has even gotten to the point where he seems to enjoy the process! You’ve been a tremendous tutor. K and I are grateful for your talents and interest in teaching N.


We are thrilled and grateful that you did so well preparing O for his SSAT. He could not have done better on the two sections you worked with him on, 800 and 800 two perfect scores! … It was not only your acumen but your calm encouragement. I think your attitude kept him calm and focused. You continually reassured him that he knew his material and that he would perform well. Even I wasn’t so sure! But, in hindsight, I see how that gave him the courage to excel. Wow, fabulous job and kudos to you!


You have had a tremendous impact on N. After meeting with you tonight, he jumped in the car and said, “I’ve learned more from Tess in two weeks than I have in English class in two years!” I am so grateful to you for your talent and interest in teaching Noah. You make quite a difference!


My son Y has benefitted lot from Preston’s instructions. As a result he is very confident with his course work nowadays… We would like to thank you for the great service you and your team offered to enhance my son’s academic experience. Considering the quality of service, we will definitely reach out to you in case if the need for academic assistance arises.


I was talking with the WWP English Supervisor for grades 6 to 12 and told her what a super job you were doing with C. Your teaching techniques are better than most of the English teachers he has encountered over the past years. This is really true! You would make a good Professor!


We are writing to commend our tutor Lauren, who has been tutoring our daughter in English… Lauren is a terrific teacher! We noticed a significant progress in our daughter’s performance which we attribute to Lauren’s tutoring.


And many more.

How much does it cost to enroll?

We have near-perfect ratings, 40,000+ hrs of 1:1 and classroom teaching experience, and are a trusted resource with a strong reputation.


Our co-founders, Kevin and Greg, are brothers and Princeton University graduates who work closely with our instructors.


Our one-of-a-kind course is only $495.


In only 4 weeks, your son/daughter will develop a grammar foundation that will provide lasting benefits.


All it will take is showing up to class and completing about 2 to 3 hours of homework each week.

This workshop is our most requested course.

15 spots max.


Please secure your spot soon.


If the system does not allow you to purchase a spot, that means the class is full — Please contact us here to be put on the waitlist.


Prefer to work 1:1 with one of our expert tutors? Please contact us here. We’ll then give you a ring to learn more about your student, see if we’re a good fit, and discuss next steps.