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FREE BONUS: College Admissions Seminar


As we’re all well aware, the pandemic has impacted many factors in the college admissions process (e.g. sports & extracurriculars, standardized tests, grades).


So what can you do?


What “should” you do?


These aren’t easy questions.


And we certainly don’t claim to have all the answers.


BUT… we do have some thoughts and recommendations – based on data, recent research, and 15+ years of industry experience.


In this 3-part seminar, we discuss:

  1. COLLEGE ADMISSIONS – How does the process work? How has it changed over time?
  2. THE IMPACT OF COVID – Student & University perspectives
  3. RECOMMENDATIONS – What should you consider doing?

We recently presented this seminar to our clients & subscribers.


And we’re sharing here so that you can benefit as well.


Thanks! And good luck!